Positive News Breakdown. Or Breakthrough?

In their new issue and exhibition Positive News magazine asks if 2017 will be a year of breakdown or breakthrough?

In an age of rolling 24hour news full of negative stories we’re very happy to be hosting the launch for the new Positive News issue that will take place on the same date as the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president. Characterised by political division, 2016 was widely regarded as a bad year. Positive News is challenging the news agenda with a different perspective for 2017.

With a thematic focus on overcoming social divisions, the new issue of Positive News magazine features a cover illustration of a Muslim female superhero. Positive News’ editors believe that the ‘doom and gloom’ news narrative no longer serves society. They believe that a more balanced and inspiring lens on the world is needed in order to heal social divisions and empower people to bring about change.

In their latest issue the Positive News teams look at how “normal is coming unhinged.” Rather than let fear and hate dictate what happens next the Positive News team believe this time of uncertainty and disruption also holds an opportunity to break through to a society of empathy.

A key article in the new issue report on how comic books are challenging social stereotypes and increasingly featuring new, everyday superheroes who are more diverse and relatable. The issue also reports on grassroots projects such as More United, which is crowd funding support for MPs who commit to values such as tolerance, irrespective of their party and it features a Q&A with George Monbiot, a man known for his activism as much as his searing journalism.

Positive News offers a way to begin 2017 with some serious optimism.