Lakwena MaciverThe Future's Gold

Times of great political unrest forever inspire impactful responses from artists. London-based artist Lakwena Maciver meets the uncertainty and negativity of the current political and social climate with a hugely optimistic and hopeful new body of work. Under the name, The Future’s Gold, Lakwena has created a series of paintings that give hope for a better future and a better government.
Inspired by a Messianic philosophy and an Afro-futuristic aesthetic, these works embrace Lakwena’s signature bold, graphic and acid-bright style.

Through her new show, she declares her allegiance to a future government; one that is higher, deeper, fuller, sweeter, older, newer, bolder, brighter and more glorious than the current chaotic power structures that are in place around the world today.
The paintings will be installed amidst floor-to-ceiling murals creating a space fully immersed in this celebration of a brighter future.

Lakwena’s iconic, kaleidoscopic work is informed by the use of decoration as a means of communication. As a form of expression within a political world, Lakwena explores how the use of adornment in worship and myth-making translates into contemporary popular culture.


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