Francesca Allen & Maisie Cousins


Throughout February KK Outlet hosts the first ever joint exhibition of work by photographers Francesca Allen and Maisie Cousins, ‘I Feel Sick / Hot Flush’.

We meet the work of the photographers at a point in their lives where there is a sense of coming of age – a phrase traditionally associated with puberty – but something that perhaps becomes more relevant as a young woman. Through their images they’re exploring the female body with a defiant sexuality and a feeling of anxious excitement.

They’re taking what has traditionally been a male gaze and making it into something of their own. However, they’re not just rehashing pseudo feminist versions of bygone erotic photographs; there’s flesh and sexuality, but their images are more than that. There’s a huge sense of fun, rebelliousness and unashamed hedonism. Through their work you can sense an awakening, exploration and self-assuredness – the women in the work are in control. For their joint show both photographers will take a room of KK Outlet each and turn it into their own celebration of sex, pleasure and freedom.

Maisie Cousins will be showing collages deep with a dark tension and humour whilst in the front section of the gallery Francesca Allen will be showing a selection of portraits portraying powerful, fearless women at the height of their sexual freedom.

As the saying goes, “In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.” – in these very weird times the joy in Francesca Allen and Maisie Cousins’ work feels like a very relevant form of resistance.