Yann Le BecDog Days

Yann Le Bec’s exhibition “Dog Days” is a collection of new paintings that play out like the stills from a French thriller. His monochromatic paintings depict seemingly innocuous scenes, many from the French countryside; a naked torso moist with perspiration, a lone walker on an isolated road, a swimmer and a man looking through trees. Beneath the surface of this postcard-like scenery there is a slight feeling of unease, a sense of longing and in some scenes fear. Why is the swimmer reaching for a knife? What is the sad figure on the bed contemplating? Will the girl make it out of the way of the car coming round the bend?!

Yann’s paintings build up like a film noir classic. The shadows are black and heavy, the characters are complex. You’re drawn in to a narrative and you’re not sure where it’s going to take you. Inspired by the films of Hitchcock, Luis Buñuel and David Lynch, Yann takes the everyday and laces it with meaning and suspense.

Dog Days will be on show at KK Outlet gallery throughout July.