Ordinary #4

Ordinary is a fine art photography magazine that focuses on seemingly mundane everyday objects and turns them into something extraordinary.

Each issue revolves around one of these ordinary objects. All contributing artists are then given the object to work their magic with. For the most recent release a collection of brilliant artists have been brought together to celebrate the wonder of… the white sports sock.

The humble sports sock is the unsung hero of many a sporting victory. Subtly supporting, absorbing perspiration, keeping athletic feet warm when needed and protecting from chaffing and blisters – it’s so much more than just a lowly sock. In addition to the numerous practical roles played by the white sports socks, in recent times it has become a fashion item. No longer the reserve of the sartorially challenged, the white sock can be seen flashing around the fashionable streets of London, Paris, Berlin and New York.

We’ll be hosting an exhibition to celebrate the launch of the new issue of Ordinary throughout December

Artists include:
Thomas Albdorf, Mauricio Alejo, Bela Borsodi, Sandrine Boulet, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Scottie Cameron, Christto & Andrew, Alexander Coggin, Annie Collinge & Sarah May, Adam Cruces, Ryan Duffin, Daniel Everett, Nicolas Haeni, Jan Hoek, Noah Jackson, Thomas Nondh Jansen, Julia et Vincent, Vendula Knopová, Namsa Leuba, Imke Ligthart, Olya Oleinic, Kent Rogowski, Thomas Rousset, Adrian Samson, Jaap Scheeren, Bram Spaan, James Unsworth

Concept: Max Siedentopf
Design: Yuki Kappes