SHEET x KK Outlet, Issue 10MODERN LOVE

We are thrilled to bits to be curating SHEET issue 10. The theme is Modern Love.

SHEET is a free poster magazine created and distributed quarterly by Urban Outfitters Europe. Challenged with a way of presenting many works in varying styles SHEET is made up of single posters which allows each artists’ work to stand alone, free from the constraints of a narrative. Goggle at the previous nine issues >>

Thanks to today’s technology we can walk around all day with a world of potential lovers in our pocket. From sexting to sex robots, WLTM to DTF, hook ups, hang ups and oh so many unreturned text messages, it’s clear that our minds are more open than ever and so are our bedroom doors.

And in this world of instant gratification and rejection, how do you go about falling in love? You could argue that despite all our clever inventions, the path to becoming one half of that smug couple who finish each other’s sentences has never been harder.

“Never gonna fall for modern love” – David Bowie.

Issue 10 contributors include Tash Ingall / Angela Lidderdale / Dave Bell / Max Siedentopf / Sandrine Estrade Boulet / Oli Gabe & Ash Kirby / Anya Driscoll / Merel Witteman / Christian Schubert / Dorothy / Gijs van den Berg / Krista Rozema / Mrzyk & Moriceau / Matt Blease / Narcsville

As well as curating issue 10, KK also presents a gallery show that runs from 9th-31st March. On display is a selection of artworks featured in issue 10 + artworks by Erik Kessels / PUTPUT / Celeste Mountjoy / Sam Quinton …and more. The artworks created cover subjects like: emoji communication; narcissism, a conversation on love with Siri, religion, extreme fandom and…donuts.

A big thank you to our launch party pals Maule Brewing Co. who shall be keeping us all hyper happily hydrated and Home Listening for the Modern Love strictly vinyl only curated playlist.

On 30th March we’ll be hosting a modern love themed Meal Ticket, with speakers including author of Screw the Fairytale Helen Croydon, founder of Romantic Misadventure Kit Lovelace, Rachel Tayeb from TurnON London and Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits from the Moth Collective who created a brilliant animated film on modern love for The New York Times. Meal Ticket is KK Outlet’s dinner series where we invite different speakers to give a talk on a set theme and serve delicious dishes in between each presentation. Tickets are £30 and include a welcome drink and wine with dinner, available from KK Outlet’s website v. soon. Come join us!


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