Failed It!Erik Kessels

If you’re anything like me, you’re called an idiot at least once a day.

And that’s okay.

Because making mistakes, flirting with disaster and put outright failure is how you get better. Without it, you’re stuck in a zone of mediocrity and ‘meh’. Sure, you probably won’t be nervous, self-conscious and potentially mortified, but you won’t be admired either.

You’ll be…


If you want to be creative, do original work and surprise the hell out of someone every once in a while, you need to get over your fear of looking stupid.

Seek out failure. Train yourself to recognize it all around you. Get to know it and take it away for a romantic weekend.

Failure isn’t fatal – quite the contrary.

It’s downright fabulous.

Failed It! Is a new book by Erik Kessels, published by Phaidon. Come along to the accompanying exhibition to learn how to fail fabulously.