The Public Prime Minister

Welcome to the 2015 election show organised by KesselsKramer London. A chance to bring politics back to where they belong – with the people. A project that throws into question the identity and purpose of today’s politicians by putting the focus on society instead. For a brief moment, you are the Prime Minister, and whatever you want to make as a policy – goes.

Working with celebrated photographer Dirk Rees, we invite everyone and anyone to become The Public Prime Minister. Even if you’ve been to Eton. We’re looking for members of the great British public to take part in our official ministerial photo shoot and be part of the gallery show. And on the principle of it’s not who you vote for but what you vote for, every public PM will be asked to tell of their single policy as Prime Minister – whether it’s tax the rich or free tea for all. It’s your country – so let them hear you.

We’ll hold our opening night on 7th May 7-9pm, election night, and those who come down will be able to vote for their favourite Public Prime Minister – meaning at least there’s a chance that day for your vote to actually count.

Public Prime Ministers to date include The Milk Man, A Reverend, A Street Cleaner and even some Guinea Pigs from Hackney City Farm. Policies vary from the topical, to the noble towards the little bit mad. From leaving the EU and legalising soft drugs through to bringing back the shell suit (but this time making it flame retardant.)

If you want a revolution, even a small one, start one here.


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