We are pleased as Punch to trumpet that Sandrine Boulet and her Londovisions exhibition takes over KK Outlet’s gallery throughout June 2015.

Sandrine is a French artist based in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris. Her work is deliberately eclectic. A mix of photography, illustration, urban art and in situ works. A self proclaimed ‘hallucinartist’. Sandrine came to London and… had… visions. Londonvisions.

Think you know London and its every nook and cranny? Think again. Londovisions presents an abundance of brand new, previously unseen, London themed stereotypes, observations and artworks. A dimension between dream and reality. Funny, playfully imaginative, smile inducing. You’ll not look at familiar iconic London buildings, street furniture, signage, discarded rubbish or British pageantry and pomp in the same way ever again.

Sandrine’s style: I wake up and I see things. I eat and I see things. I have visions all the time, day and night. Sometimes it wakes me up at night and during the day it wakes me up too. Those words of this Bowie song describe better than any of my words how I feel:

“There is happy land where only children live… It’s a secret place and adults aren’t allowed there Mr Grownup…”

London, through Sandrine’s eyes, never looked so good.


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