We are beyond pleased to welcome PUTPUT to KK Outlet for their debut UK solo show, Cheating Sameness. Immensely enterprising and imaginative, Danish-Swiss artist duo Ulrik Martin Larsen and Stefan Friedli established PUTPUT in 2011 and are currently Copenhagen based. Neatly placed between input and output, navigating the increasingly busy intersection where photography, sculpture and design meet.

Operating primarily within contemporary art, photography, sculpture and publishing. On display is a mash-up of new and retrospective works. Tribute to the Salami, a journey into the marvelous land of the sausage. Pretext, misleading appearances intended to conceal or transform the original intent, function or purpose of objects. Sex Tape, a literal play on words in the name of fame and fortune. Objective Ambition, examines symbolic projected feelings of objects. Soft Construction, reinterprets standard cinder blocks in soft pink foam, highlighting the decorative aspects rather than hardcore functionality. Fitting, proposes the introduction of a fleeting presence to these archetypal pieces of furniture. The constructions of Autarchical eliminates function, which is transformed to sculptural form and produces a new entity. Plus, we are overjoyed to unveil brand spanking new PUTPUT work, amidst a few fun surprises.

Documenting a meeting between fictional and real with supreme verve, PUTPUT’s playful constructions transform banal ordinary into subverted extraordinary. Ideas, concepts and the notion of creating fictional but recognisable object typologies are at the very core of their artistic practice. Familiar visual expectations are tilted, twisted and tossed aside. Double takes and grins are obligatory.

We merrily welcome PUTPUT back to KK Outlet, they participated in 2014’s World Cup group exhibition First Eleven. PUTPUT’s newest high-profile commercial achievement Everything has a Sole, is a team-up with Danish footwear brand Bianco resulting in a striking artistic takeover for their Spring/Summer 2015 campaign.


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