Pecker - Book LaunchNew Book Full of Dongs

Join us at KK Outlet on Thursday 22 October 2015 6-9pm for the launch of Pecker, the book, the bible of bang sticks, the one stop cock shop, is the world’s biggest collection of knobs, dongs, penis pencilings and schlong scribbles.

The time-killing doodle, the insult, the disgusting, the beautiful, the hilarious – there’s a dick drawing in all of us. Precisely why Pecker has had sausage sketchers from around the world lining up to offer their unique pork-sword portraits.

Cock-a-block with hundreds of illustrated dicks, flicking through Pecker’s vast variety of penai – from the abstract to the worryingly intricate – is strangely satisfying and undoubtedly addictive, with an index for you to put a name to your favourite phalluses.

Pecker is the brainchild of designer and visual artist Jon Bland and copywriter Louie Zeegen, with a foreword from fellow cock-lover Mr Bingo.

The book will be available to buy on the night + there’s free beers for all perusers and purchasers – until we run out!


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