Myths and RiftsAlexis Vasilikos and Stefanos Andreadis

The high drama and nerve shredding confrontations that took place during the EU vs. Greece economic showdown don’t sound like the makings of an art exhibition. However, the subject that took a very firm stranglehold on the summer months is hard to ignore. And with so many contradictory stories and points of view fed through the media, it’s a difficult story to decipher.

Myths and Rifts – at KK Outlet during August – attempts, in its own humble way, to untangle the financial web that Europe weaved, through the work of two Greek artists (Alexis Vasilikos and Stefanos Andreadis) who, in their own ways, puts all the wrangling and media-scrambling into perspective.

Graphic designer and illustrator Stefanos Andreadis inks his reaction to the issue directly onto Euro bank notes and sends them back into circulation, an eternally travelling protest exhibition. Drawing on every bank note he can get his hands on, which to date is hundreds, is an ongoing project that originally started in February 2014. These mini works of graffiti use the grand but soulless buildings etched into the Euros – perfect symbols of the Eurozone – as the backdrops, for his satire; a world of public hangings, clandestine business meetings, grim reapers and mob demos. The British Museum in London holds two of Stefanos’ illustrated bank notes their permanent collection of money.

For Myths and Rifts, Stefanos has created sixteen brand new illustrated bank notes, each one unique, taking into account all the very latest twists and turns in the economic soap opera.

Hanging in between Stefanos’ monetary moments of madness, is the work of Athens based photographer Alexis Vasilikos. Alexis is also co-editor of Phases Magazine an online magazine focusing on contemporary photography.

Deliberately contradictory and ambiguous, this particular series consisting of twenty photographs and exhibited together in London for the first time, depicts moments of colourful calmness, the soft stillness of the everyday, and a feeling that not much can pierce the resilience of this ancient civilisation. Exploring the presence of the sublime in everyday life; All In, Back to Nothing, Welcome to the Infinite, Intersections, Existential Soup. These exquisite, captured moments tell their own stories and suggest that this side of life is the one worth fighting for.

Money, as every story told since the beginning of time has warned us, just gets in the way.

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