Erik Kessels In Almost Every Picture #14

On display in KK Outlet’s gallery during 18 – 30 May 2015 is a selection of images from the fourteenth edition of Erik Kessels’ found photography series in almost every picture.

Erik Kessels’ series returns to a favourite theme: imperfect images, damaged by accident or design. But whereas past editions dealt with blurry black dogs and intrusive fingers, this new publication focuses on an altogether eerier case.

in almost every picture #14 invites us to partake in a semi-nude detective story: a collection of sunbathers with their heads (and often large chunks of their bodies) punched out of their Polaroid frames.

Confronted with these images, it’s natural that we should fill all that white space with our own theories. For instance: perhaps this is an instance of human-on-photo violence? Maybe a vengeful lover savaging his or her holiday snaps? Or are these found images the remains of someone’s weird abandoned art project? Or maybe those glimpses of chubby bodies are part of a kind of visual joke, made strange because the punchline’s missing?

Discovered by photographer Toon Michiels and presented in book form by Kessels, in almost every picture #14 does what every good detective yarn should do: leaves us guessing until the end. Because it’s in the book’s closing notes that all is revealed. In actuality, these images were made by a photographer looking to make some quick cash. These shots were intended to have their centre removed… and applied to a personalised badge, which was then sold to the subject. In the end, the truth is more innocent than our more imaginative speculations.

This latest book is available to purchase at KK Outlet’s bookshop, together with many other KesselsKramer Publishing titles.


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