Ian Stevenson takes over KK Outlet’s gallery exhibition space during April 2015 with Click Here to Unsubscribe. Ian’s a London based illustrator, quick witted, with an irreverent stance. He paints on rubbish, takes the piss and has exhibited at Tate Modern. Expect brand new, never seen before, illustrative works from this pencil wielding linear master.

Turning trash into treasure, Ian’s work is both engaging and enlightening. Influenced by his immediate surroundings, everyday life and the TV from which he reflects the reality of living in the 21st Century. Ian re-directs his twisted and joshing take on the world to create distorted characters, murals, alternative slogans, animations, sculptures, customised photographs plus anything from coffee cups to record sleeves.

A recent collaboration with Russell Brand, to promote his book Revolution, saw Ian’s artwork on the Village Underground’s wall in Shoreditch. A larger than life sized mural, jam-packed with blissful characters and hilarious, satirical slogans.


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