Hattie StewartDoll House

We are hyper chuffed to host Hattie Stewart’s premiere London solo exhibition, Doll House. A self-proclaimed professional doodler, Hattie is an ace illustrator based in East London. Vivid and uber cheeky is her signature style.

Doll House presents a myriad of brand new work. Expect a kaleidoscopic illustrative burst of customised leather jackets, lenticular and hologram artworks, neon signage, and a bona fide dolls house that’s custom painted amidst fantasy settings.

Also on show are Hattie’s trademark doodle-bombings, many previously unseen. Created by her drawing directly atop an array of renowned magazine’s front covers. Conceived in 2011, it’s an ongoing project series that explores the concept of breathing new life into old ideologies. To date has included Playboy, Dazed & Confused, Paper, The Gentlewoman, Rolling Stone, The Face and NME to name but just a few. The end result is unequivocally bold, colourful and attention-grabbingly flirtatious. So much so that Playboy gave their official thumbs up.

Not just a pretty face! doodle-bombs both compliment and overtly re-appropriate the magazine’s original front cover image’s context; intentionally or by random chance or a tad of both. Hattie’s impish and highly spirited visual voice not only creates dazzling imagery, it in turn also accents the media’s (more often than not) blatant manipulation of female role models, and society’s ever increasing infatuation / obsession with celebrity culture.


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