The Set Up

The Set Up is an exhibition which takes its aesthetic reference from fashion shoots but reveals a slightly more sinister side of the fashion industry.

Women in the media are portrayed as beautiful, aspirational creatures – shot under studio lights, made up by a team of experts and photoshopped almost beyond recognition.

This exhibition references the set up of these fashion shoots but it also comments on the cruel set up all women are subjected to through the media portrayal of an ideal they’ll always fail to live up to.

The Set Up is a group show featuring artists whose work plays with fashion references whilst commenting on the darker and more absurd elements of the industry. Artists include Alison Brady, Aurelien Juner, Daniel Soares, Emily Stein, Isabelle Wenzel, Lydia Garnett, Simon Wald-Lasowski, Yolanda Dominguez.

Photoshop is such an ever-present tool in advertising that the results are often accepted as the norm. Daniel Soares’ project brings the focus back to what’s behind the slick images by simply adding the photoshop tool bar to advertising hoardings. Simple yet hugely effective.

Lydia Garnett has produced a series of photographic works that take inspiration from retouch notes on fashion shoots. Notes such as ‘We need to sort out the inelegant toe situ’ and ‘We want it to be really fucking perfect’ are satirically brought to life highlighting how models are often treat as invisible beings, there to be perfected and projected onto.

Isabelle Wenzel’s work incorporates a still life aesthetic whilst referencing the contortionist poses often favoured in fashion shoots. Wenzel’s models are rendered into objects or something other, unrecognisable as human forms.

Photographer Emily Stein looks at the how the perfected images of fashion and advertising have influenced young girls to also portray a posed and “managed” image of themselves, often through the medium of the omnipresent selfie.


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