Mike PerryMy Mother Caught Me Doodling

My Mother Caught Me Doodling is a new exhibition by prolific daydreamer Mike Perry that looks at the awe-inspiring naked female form.

Throughout November, Mike will adorn the walls of KK Outlet with original female nudes, painted and drawn in bright colors and spontaneous energy. They are nudes conjured not from chilly life drawing classes, but from the recesses of Mike’s mind, the internet or old glamour magazines. However, far from being seedy, these girls have attitude. They revel in their natural state with humour, inviting you to look at them without being ashamed.

The project came about as Mike returned to drawing the human form in his work, he said of the project, “Throughout my life I felt insecure about drawing women. I thought that I would never be able to celebrate their form the way I wanted too. So just like anything I set a new challenge for myself – practice drawing women. The deeper into this practice I got, the more the body became about shapes, curved lines and how expressive the female form can be.”

The result is a collection of new work and book of the same name that absolutely celebrate the female form in all its phenomenal glory.


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