Meal Ticket #6Content Overload

On Wednesday 30th April, Meal Ticket returns.

Today “content” is everyone’s favourite word. Whether we’re making it, watching it or sharing it, we’re drowning in the stuff. Even Sir Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of WPP, has said that content and native advertising are areas where WPP can compete with “all-powerful Google”.

But as branded content becomes more opaque and customer reactions become more heated as they find out they’ve been duped – see the fall out from Ellen DeGeneres’s “Oscar Selfie” sponsored by Samsung – what are the new rules?

Who is actually making the content we actually want to see and if the appetite of viewers is so voracious how come so many brands fall so far from the mark? Are being blinded by a buzzword that not everyone really understands?

We invite those who create and disseminate content all day long to talk about what for them makes “good” content, where is this demand going to take us and what are the common pitfalls and misgivings around chasing the elusive viral mega hit. Speakers include:

Rob Alderson, Editor-in-Chief It’s Nice That
It’s Nice That is the filter through which ALOT of content falls these days. Who else is better placed to share thoughts on what works, what doesn’t and what to definitely avoid than the man at the helm, Rob Alderson.

Becky & Joe, Filmmakers
Becky & Joe are the people behind the animated film Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared which has been watched over 16 million times. We invite them to talk about their work and their incredible success.

Slate Olson, Rapha
Rapha design roadwear for cyclists and create a stunning content around each brand release. They work closely with brilliant filmmakers and photographers producing work which you would want to watch and look at whether you’re into cycling or not. Slate Olson will talk about their approach and how to avoid the awkward hard sell.



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