Gratuitous Type Issue 4: Peep Show

Gratuitous Type, a pamphlet of typographic smut, offers a voyeuristic look into the practices of some of today’s most exciting contemporary graphic designers and artists.

Throughout October, Gratuitous Type #4 extends from the printed page to the walls of KK Outlet. The exhibition will feature an eclectic offering of prints, publications, installations, and interactive projects by the likes of Emmet Byrne of the Walker Art Center (US), Claire Huss (UK), Kokoro & Moi (FI/US), Tim Lahan (US), Letterproeftuin (NL), Pure Magenta (US), Raw Color (NL), Table of Contents (US), and Dries Wiewauters (BE).

To celebrate the exhibition’s launch, Letterproeftuin, a Rotterdam-based open-source design studio and the creators of The Smallest Printing Company, will be on hand to produce a limited edition print for the issue. Copies of Gratuitous Type Issue 4, as well as prints and originals from contributing artists will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition.

First published in 2010, Gratuitous Type was founded by Elana Schlenker as a celebration of all things relating to graphic design. Issue four is a riot of colour and beautiful visuals all lovingly crafted through various printing processes. The exhibition promises to be an exuberant physical embodiment of this printed masterpiece and one not to be missed.


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