London design duo CUSTHOM have curated their second exhibition of tactile posters, celebrating and exploring the use of digital embroidery as a unique and expressive form of drawing.

Jemma Ooi and Nathan Philpott have brought together a range of the top creative talent to create designs which have been translated via stitch onto paper, using a ‘hacked’ digital embroidery machine.

The brief this year is based on the Kandinsky psychological test, asking each of the designers to submit a composition using the three primary colours and the triangle, square and circle involved in the ‘test’.

Jemma Ooi said of the project, “With Pens & Needles we’re able to place the process of digital embroidery under the spotlight,
while also bringing together a group of designers we admire and whose work you might never see sitting side by side in another setting.”

The final exhibition will comprise 19 tactile A2 posters, each available in a limited run of 10 editions. Alongside CUSTHOM, the designers involved include Patternity, Studio Moross, Ian Acton, Melvin Galapon and Alei Vespoor amongst many others.


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