Colophon FoundryFive Years

Colophon Foundry, one of the most respected and prolific type foundries working today, are celebrating their fifth anniversary with a new exhibition at KK Outlet.

FIVE YEARS takes twenty-six typefaces from the Colophon Foundry back catalogue, including one specially created for the occasion and captures an imagined moment in their applied lives. The typefaces will each be displayed on a different product linked in some way to the type name or thinking behind the design.

As an exhibition, FIVE YEARS highlights the role of the type designer in the creative process. Typography is the purest form of communication design and vital in creating a visual atmosphere. It is also an almost contradictory discipline. One that demands a scientific precision and attention to detail in the design process, whilst also allowing an openness at the point of distribution and final application. The typographer must relinquish all control and become an invisible collaborator as their work goes out into the world.

FIVE YEARS uses and misuses typefaces created by Anthony Burrill, Benjamin Critton, The Entente, Alison Haigh, Oscar & Ewan, Studio Makgill, and Dries Wiewauters. FIVE YEARS is accompanied by a catalogue of the same name, published by Colophon Foundry, edited by Benjamin Critton, and featuring an essay by Aileen Kwun.

Colophon is a London & New York-based independent type foundry established in 2009 by The Entente and joined in 2013 by Benjamin Critton Art Dept. The foundry’s commissioned and bespoke work in type design is complemented by independent and interdependent initiatives in publishing, curation, exhibition, and pedagogy, with a focus on local and international partnerships with institutions both large and small.


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