Bert TeunissenSlow Happiness

Slow Happiness is a collection of ‘Travelogues’ shot by international photographer Bert Teunissen, in twenty-six countries over twenty years. Slow Happiness was shot as a more fluid, side project as Bert took time out from his more structured Domestic Landscapes assignment.

The images are atmospheric and delicate visual musings from cities in over twenty-six countries. Bert beautifully captures the textures, people and hidden patterns of these cities in his own style of street photography. There is a humour as we see rogue cows explore back alleys and a tenderness as his lense follows older couples holding hands on a daily stroll. However, what makes the series even more astounding is the process he uses to produce the images.

The images from Slow Happiness are printed by hand in a dark room on archive photo paper collected from all over the world, some examples date from World War II, all of which are now out of production.

Bert explains that these methods are intended to give his images a richness and colour, contrast and structure that can no longer be found. The eventual outcome of each image is a surprise and out of the ultimate control of the artist. In a world awash with instant digital imagery the result is an exhibition of truly authentic imagery, standing out in a glut of slick, easy photos. The papers are mounted in aluminium frames custom designed by the legendary Piet Hein Eek.

Bert’s work has been exhibited in Huis Marseille in Amsterdam, The Photographers’ Gallery in London, Aperture Gallery in New York and the Contact Photo Festival in Toronto and has been featured in publications such as The Independent, The New York Times, The Guardian and The International Herald Tribune.


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