Accent MagazineIssue #6

Accent Magazine is an online publication of extraordinary documentary portraiture, celebrating the free spirits, unabashed eccentrics and radical mavericks of this world. In five past issues, the quarterly has so far hosted fifty original documentary portrait stories of groups and individuals who dare to buck the conventions of their surroundings.

To coincide with the launch of Issue Six, Accent will be exhibiting a show of featured photographic work by international contributors. These include:

Boondock, by Andrew Waits
Setting off in a well-travelled Toyota Chinook with a camera and a dictaphone, Seattle-based photographer Andrew Waits began documenting a nomadic population of RV, car and van dwellers across the western United States. His archive of pictures and stories form a rare portrait of contemporary America through the eyes of those who live on the road.

Andie, Margaret and Katie, by Accent Magazine
A Saturday-night fixture for more than twenty years, The Way Out Club is London’s longest standing transgender night out – a safe oasis for the trans, drag queen and cross-dressing community. Portraits of three of the club’s regulars give an insight into life lived as both genders.

Evie Lou and Laura Jane, by Noelle McCleaf
An intimate series by Noelle McCleaf documents the unique relationship between her mother, Evie Lou, and best friend Laura Jane. McCleaf’s photos capture the importance of our matriarchal ancestors, holding up a light to the grandmothers, mythmakers and storytellers who came before us.

ROMA, by Emily Stein
Emily Stein celebrates Romani culture with a series documenting one of the annual gatherings that take place in rural Romania. Her pictures bring focus to a community that faces constant prejudice and exclusion across Europe, revealing the traditions of the Romani people, and the generous hospitality they offer to strangers.

Mémé Rita, by Stella Gelardi Malfilâtre
Stella Gelardi Malfilâtre shares the story of her extraordinary grandmother Rita, who at 85 years old tells her granddaughter everything: from her days spent protesting against the Nazis in Denmark to the nude picture messages she exchanges with her childhood sweetheart by text.


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