Wilfrid WoodHeads & Bodies

Sculptor Wilfrid Wood unveils new work as part of his Heads & Bodies solo exhibition at KK Outlet.

Driven by the notion that the human form connects most directly with our emotions, Wilfrid Wood creates characters that are all at once, sharp, funny and disturbing. Wilfrid’s fascination in people and the belief that “nature is much more interesting than your imagination”, means he spends a lot of time studying people he sees in the supermarket, on the bus and in celebrity magazines.

Youths on Mare Street, Simon Cowell kidding himself he can still fit into THOSE pants, a bare bummed Justin Beiber or pensioners on the bus, no one is to high or too low to be cast as part of Wilfrid’s gang.

Can you see evil in a face? Can you guess someone’s personality from their physical features? What does real sadness look like? Wilfrid’s work raises these questions and leaves you the viewer to decide. Some sculptures such as “Man on Mobile” are deliberately ambiguous, he could either be crying tears of joy or tears of pain. Wilfrid sees no need to spell it out, the tragicomedy in his face is exactly the point.

Made entirely by hand, Wilfrid’s sculptures are initially sketching his ideas then testing their validity in plasticine. They are finally created from plastic clay, airbrushed and varnished for an immaculate finish.

After dumping a career in graphics, Wilfrid plunged into 3D model making at cult classic British television show, Spitting Image. He said of this time, “it was a hilarious place and felt like an excitingly illicit foreign land where I found my freedom.”

He has carried this sense of humour throughout his career and in his latest characters he has found the perfect ensemble.

We are also proud to be hosting Icons, an exhibition by Outsider artist John Croft in our back gallery space.



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