Useful Photography #11

The KesselsKramer Useful Photography series is a collection of magazines which focus on overlooked and supposedly underwhelming images taken for practical purposes. The latest publication, Useful Photography #11 rifles through the history of human targets culled from US shooting ranges. With the gun debate still raging in the USA, this unsettling collection of images throws up all kinds of questions about the attitudes towards guns in America.

A selection of images from this latest publication will be on show at Chert Gallery throughout August, as part of our collaboration with Motto.

The KesselsKramer Publishing catalogue hosts a vast collection of vernacular photography books as well as titles encapsulating short stories, advertising, graphic design and unusual art works. The KesselsKramer catalogue will be available at Motto, Berlin throughout
August. More information on the Motto X KesselsKramer collaboration here.


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