Nick BallonEzekiel 36:36

Ezekiel 36:36 is the latest project from photographer Nick Ballon which saw him spend six months in Bolivia documenting Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano (LAB), one of the world’s oldest surviving airlines.

With only one plane now operational from a downed fleet of aircrafts, it is a crumbling empire which continues to survive solely through the loyalty and faith of its remaining 180 unpaid staff.

Founded in 1925, it has played an important role in every stage of the country’s history. Since its privatisation in 1994, LAB has suffered at the hands of successive administrations, becoming gradually dismantled due to chronic mismanagement and corruption.

The project has resulted in a dedicated book and exhibition which will both be launched at KK Outlet. The project title, Ezekiel 36:36 refers to the name of the only plane LAB currently has in operation, renamed after it narrowly avoided a tragic accident.

Featured in the Ezekiel 36:36 book is an extra booklet which showcases the airline in it’s heyday. There is archive imagery taken by staff, coupled with dynamic graphic design and typography that was created in house using a technique called Rubylith.

First Edition £35 – Edition of 500 with booklet each with a unique airline ticket.
Artists Edition £75 – Edition of 50 as above plus signed artist print.
Available to buy from and specialized bookshops.


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