Mr BingoHate Mail

Illustrator Mr Bingo was drunk late one night in his studio and tweeted, “I will send a postcard with an offensive message on to the first person who replies to this tweet". Within the first minute over 50 people replied, desperate to receive some hateful post.

Over the last twelve months Bingo has posted out artistic abuse to more than 550 people. Each well-crafted piece of slander comes accompanied with an original illustration. They’re insults you wouldn’t dare to utter to your worst enemy in person, but somehow on the back of a vintage postcard, alongside one of Bingo’s masterful illustrations they’re weirdly charming and utterly hilarious.

The Hate Mail exhibition at KK Outlet will showcase 220 postcards from Mr Bingo’s now extensive archive. For the first 60 people through the door of our private view on Thursday 6th June, there’ll be the opportunity to have their very own personalized piece of Hate Mail.

More Hate Mail will also be released during the run of the exhibition. The sale time will be announced on twitter via @kkoutlet and @mr-bingo.

You can in turn come and hurl abuse at Mr Bingo should you wish to, as he’ll be setting up his studio in the KK Outlet gallery throughout the duration of the show.

Signed copies of the book Hate Mail will also be able to purchase from the gallery. Mr Bingo will happily scribble a personal insult in your book too. (again, follow him and our good selves on twitter to find out when he’s in the gallery).

Mr Bingo didn’t learn a lot at school but he did discover one valuable thing: he was good at making people laugh. Now a successful illustrator based in East London, he is “drawing stuff” for the likes of The Guardian, The Mighty Boosh, Channel 4, The New Yorker and Jimmy Carr.

‘Gorgeous and funny! Like a labrador doing stand-up’ – Noel Fielding
‘A horrible, hilarious little book’ – The Times
‘Wonderfully offensive’ – The Huffington Post
‘A curiously British social phenomenon that fuses comedy and art’ – Fast Company


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