My Head is Spinning Mike Perry Giveaway

What?! Free stuff?! You’re damn right! Brooklyn-based artist, Mike Perry, is giving away one of his original mobile sculptures, seen here on the right.

Here’s how you can win it:

- Stop by KK Outlet on Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th April, 9-6pm.
- Drop the phrase “Spinning Head” & pick up a special card.
- Take your card to Heavy Pencil at Pick Me Up, Somerset House & hand it to Mike, who will be painting a live mural all day Thursday 25th April. You’re looking for this guy.
- If you’re the first card bearer, you win Mike’s My Head is Spinning sculpture!! Alas don’t despair we have ace riso prints for the four runners up.

One last thing — please snap a pic of you with Mike, holding up your signed and numbered card. Tweet/instagram “My Head is Spinning @KKOutlet”.

We admit this is one elaborate contest. Is it a gamble, yes? A bit of an adventure, well yes, again? But isn’t a freebie like this worth the effort — you know it is!

I am holding a numbered and signed card? How do I claim my swag? Contact Danielle Pender at and she’ll hook you up.