Meal Ticket #5

For our fifth Meal Ticket event we’ve invited four different, but equally innovative brands to come and share with us their thoughts on harnessing tech and innovation to drive forward their business and wider culture.

Join us for a four course dinner, a generous serving of wine and four inspiring talks from Nalden, Co-Founder of We Transfer; Christopher Lukezic, Airbnb; Chloe Macintosh, Co-Founder of and Carl Waldekranz, CEO Tictail.

Tickets are £30, super limited & in high demand so order yours now! Click here to order tickets.

Carl Waldekranz, CEO and co-founder of Tictail. Put simply Tictail is a Tumblr for e-commerce – a free service that simplifies the creation and running of online stores. It was voted one of the top 10 startups in Sweden by Wired. Carl’s previous companies/startups include Super Strikers, a design agency where he developed the Spotify, Wrapp and Bambuser brand identities, and Keyflow, a mobile guest list app.

Christopher Lukezic, Director of Communications at Air BnB. Who stays in hotels anymore?! With Airbnb you can live like a local in great locations, it’s easy to use and way cheaper than a hotel. Basically it’s one of the best online developments in the last five years. Christopher Lukezic will talk us through the early days of Air BnB, the innovation behind their brand, how they’re driving changes in culture and their plans for the future.

Chloe Macintosh, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Having gained a degree in architecture she worked for Foster and Partners before working at and eventually launching with her partners. has taken the relatively slow moving furniture industry and turned it around by cutting out the middlemen, offering well designed products without mark ups and incorporating an element of crowd-sourcing to their website – customers vote on products they like, then Made collect orders and only manufacture what has been ordered.

Nalden, Co-Founder of We Transfer. There are a few file sharing platforms but none work as well or look as good as We Transfer. Nalden, co-founder of We Transfer is a self-made entrepreneur who started ‘playing around’ with technology and the internet when he was 13-years old. With a background in the music and advertising industry, his knowledge about technology and the impact new media is having on the world allows Nalden connecting the dots to make this a better world to live in.


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