Meal Ticket #3

Our monthly dinner series, Meal Ticket returns on Wednesday 14th August with three cracking speakers, three delicious courses and lots of summery wine.

Our current exhibitor Nick Ballon, artist Maisie Broadhead and architect practice Studio Weave will all deliver inspiring talks on the theme of HOPE.

Tickets as usual are £25, super limited & in high demand. Get yours here!

Photographer Nick Ballon spent six months in Bolivia documenting LAB, a once flourishing airline which is now a crumbling organisation kept afloat by its 180 unpaid staff and one functioning aircraft, the eponymous Ezekiel 36:36. The project will be the basis of Ballon’s talk at Meal Ticket #3.

Much of Maisie Broadhead’s work cleverly borrows from the vast canon of art history and re-imagines classical paintings as modern day images. The allegories of her work often deal with hope or the false hope found in many contemporary pursuits and it is this which she’ll talk about at Meal Ticket #3.

Studio Weave is a young energetic architecture practice working on a diverse set of projects across the UK. They produce joyful and technically precise work which are the exact right balance of super fun and function. At Meal Ticket #3 they will talk about how architecture and especially public realm projects can inspire hope in communities.


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