John Croft Icons

John Croft’s paintings are a brilliant example of Outsider Art at its best. His work aligns perfectly with this genre not because of his disability, but because of his visual dynamism and utterly unique individual style.

John creates portraits of popular iconic figures, often television and pop stars from the 70’s and 80’s in eye popping colours. They’re arresting images laced with a touch of his irrepressible humour. He paints out of an impulse to create something, connecting to a wider idea of what being creative is outside of the commercial art world.

All works were created whilst attending Project Art Works, an organisation based in Hastings that initiates and provides innovative opportunities for people with neurological impairments to engage in art activities.

More images of John’s work can be seen at Project Art Works.

John Croft’s Icons sits in the back gallery space, we’re hosting Wilfrid Wood’s Heads & Bodies in our main exhibition space.

Elton John, John Croft

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