Shit London

Shit London is a blog which affectionately celebrates the best/worst parts of our great capital. This is street photography at its most observant. Scores of people send in images everyday to the Shit London blog featuring the bitter sweet ironies or hilarious mistakes they’ve spotted in their city. Images that range from the heart breaking to the hilarious.

Most of the sights captured on Shit London are impossibly transient, almost as soon as they appear they are cleaned up, corrected or thrown away. As founder Patrick Dalton explains, “There are so many unintenionally amusing things around the city if you just choose to notice them”

The images, no matter how grim are life affirming and reassuring that underneath the modern day desire for perfection and the homogeny of the Tesco filled high street – people are still people, they sometimes make mistakes and life is all the better for them. Dalton goes on to say “What I really like about the site and the whole project is that it encourages people to notice their environment around them a little. I’ve learnt a lot more about this city from walking about hunting a good shot.”

Shit London is vernacular photography in it’s purest form. It’s subject matter and the fact that the photographs are submitted by Londoners going about there everyday lives mean it could be considered a form of social commentary. Or, you could just say it’s a bit of a laugh…it’s up to you.

Since Shit London started two years ago there have been two collections of photographs published and next year the titles Shit New York and Shit Australia will follow.

This years sees the second annual Shit London Awards take place. The awards this year culminate in an exhibition at the KK Outlet, Hoxton Square. Entry is open to anyone and feature the following categories…

Ugliest London Building, Best/Worst Business Name, Most Depressing View From Work, Best Photo, Best British Photo, Best International Photo


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