Erik Kessels presents In Almost Every Picture #11Fred & Valerie

Ever been overcome by the urge to dive into a pool or run into the ocean fully clothed? For Fred and Valerie it’s more than a passing urge, it has been their full time, past time for the last thirty years…

This eleventh edition of In Almost Every Picture is entirely dedicated to photographs from Fred and Valerie. A couple from Florida who share a passion for “wet fun adventure”. One is the photographer, the other is the model and the water is the medium. No matter what they are wearing or what they are doing; they take many opportunities to get wet, the more spontaneous the better. Public or private, silk or leather, winter or summer none of these elements matter. The adventure is all of these elements combined.

On Thursday 18th October from 7pm, Erik Kessels talks us through this latest edition of In Almost Every Picture, as well as the stories behind some of the most popular past editions. TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

In Almost Every Picture is the critically acclaimed found photography series which encapsulates 11 books. Each book in the series is a collection of photographs sourced from flea markets, the internet and from found photo albums, “vernacular” pictures taken by “amateur” photographers. The contents of many editions have been exhibited in Paris, Arles, Barcelona, New York and at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

The stories behind each collection are almost as intriguing as the images themselves and tonight Erik Kessels talks us through the series highlights, the images, stories and characters behind each collection.


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