Ill Studio72 Dots per inch

Graphic design lecturer and writer Jessica Helfand once wrote that graphic design is a language of cultural references, puns and symbols. That couldn’t be more true in the case Ill Studio, their work is laced with cultural references and for their show, 72 Dots Per Inch at KK Outlet, they have plundered their main source of inspiration: the internet.

The internet aesthetic today is a strange brew of mesmerizing and sometimes contradictory ingredients. A place where images are taken out of context and cultural references that have nothing to do with each other mix perfectly and inexplicably. Viral memes, animated gifs and photoshop collages create new examples of internet folklore almost daily.

It is a world that fascinates and inspired the members of Ill Studio and one that has influenced a new series of original work which will be unveiled at 72 Dots Per Inch. The collection includes intoxicating collages based on the idea of opposing cultural ties, the result is absurdly mesmerizing. They have also shot a series of photographs, replicating images taken from the internet in the “real world”.

Finally, for the show Ill-Studio have also directed a video entitled Graphics Interchange Formats. It takes the shape of a giant animated gif, referencing the amateurism of the youtube culture.

The content of 72 Dots Per Inch follows on from the recent Ill Studio publication, Moodcyclopedia – an encyclopedic book of the studios references and how these have influenced their work.


Founded in 2007, Ill-Studio is a multidisciplinary platform based in Paris. Headed by Léonard Vernhet and Thomas Subreville, it also brings together Nicolas Malinowsky, Thierry Audurand, Pierre Dixsaut and Sebastien Michelini.The studio evolves in various creative areas such as art-direction, graphic design, photography, typography, video for both personal or commissioned works.
Ill-Studio have collaborated with various clients such as Nike, Supreme NYC, The New York Times Magazine, Cire Trudon, L’Officiel, Lanvin, Orange, Christophe Lemaire, Modular Records, LVMH, Adidas, Uniqlo, and Domus.


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