Ewen SpencerThree’s A Crowd

In 2001 Photographer Ewen Spencer met a little known band called The White Stripes. They played their dirty garage blues at small clubs around the UK and Spencer photographed all that took place as their rise to fame and fortune ensued.

To celebrate the publication of the last book in the Three’s A Crowd diptych, KK Outlet host a launch event and exhibition of images from the last book in the series.

There is a time in the life span of a band when their future is unwritten. The weight of expectation doesn’t lay heavy on their shoulders or in their dressing room. Their actions aren’t dictated by the character others have projected onto them. It is this time that Spencer captures in his Three’s a Crowd Volume 1.

Three’s A Crowd Volume 2 continues from this point and concludes in 2005 as Jack and Meg White play to their biggest crowd. As Spencer puts it, “I’d seen all I needed to see and all good things….Volume 2 of Three’s A Crowd shows the peak of one of the great Rock n Roll bands of our time.”

Spencer charts The White Stripes journey from playing small dock side clubs in Bristol to stadiums in South America, without ever loosing the intimacy or respect which the three had built up over the course of their relationship.

Signed copies of Three’s A Crowd Volume 2, will be available to buy at the book launch event at KK Outlet, Thursday 12 January, 7-9pm.



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