Have you ever played exquisite corpses? Of course you have.

To celebrate this year’s Olympics like all good Londoners should, KK Outlet are playing a version of our own and we’ve called it Art Relay. Art Relay is a collaborative project involving artists, designers, musicians and writers from across the world.

Working in teams of four, the first creative starts the piece of work then passes on the baton/artwork to another who adds their contribution and passes the work on again. This continues until all four participants have collaboratively created a final piece and it reaches KK Outlet; where the final work will be exhibited throughout August.

Artworks will be a mixture of graphic prints, photography, video art, sculpture and interactive installations. Each piece takes inspiration from the Olympics; alongside the references to patriotism, victory and fun there are also references to the darker side of the Olympics such as drug taking, surveillance and displacement.

Artists involved also worked closely with their fellow contributors and developed shared themes throughout the work.

Keetra Dean Dixon began a piece called Believers, “Every athlete’s journey has to start with faith – selfbelief and belief in those around them.” Timothy Goodman received Dean Dixon’s piece and followed it up with Doubters, “Keetra’s piece was a fragmentation of letters that spelled out the word ‘Believers’. Playing off her system, I created a piece that manifested into the word ‘Doubters’. Athletes, like most of us, struggle with both belief and doubt simultaneously.”

In other teams artists visually referenced the work of their team mates. Andrew De Francesco took stills from a video piece created by Danny Sangra and incorporated them in his photo shoot for the project. La Bolleur and their fellow contributors have gone so far as to resurrect an ancient sport last played in 1895, redesigning uniforms and equipment.

Dollop, The people behind the hugely successful “Detroit Sessions” have pulled together a whole host of audio-visual micro teams. Based on a Swimming Relay, each group started with the audio artist, produced a 1 minute track inspired by a specific swimming stroke. The track was then passed on to their visual partner, who produced a video in response to that track.

Contributors include:

Craig Oldham / Ill Studio / Thomas Mailaender / Max Lamb

Danny Sangra / Andrew De Francesco / Jackie Young / Will Bryant

La Bolleur / Oskar Peet / Joost Jansen / Leonard & Jeroen

Keetra Dean Dixon / Timothy Goodman / William Morrisey / Ed Nacional

James Bridle / Studio Goodone

Sean Freeman / Karim Zariffa / Simon Bilodeau

Dollop AV collaborations
‘’Front Crawl’’ Audio: Arne VB / Video: Rob Blake
‘’Breast Stroke’’ Audio: Malcolm Goldie / Video: Zac Zacella
‘’Butterfly’’ Audio: Jonny Trunk / Video: Paul Plowman
‘’Back Stroke” Audio: Luke Abbot / Video: Dan Tombs


Credit, Jackie Young

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