Antony Crook

Photographer Antony Crook unveils a new photography and film project with Scottish band Mogwai at an exclusive exhibition and screening event.

The work of photographer Antony Crook is exactly the imagery that comes to mind when you listen to the band Mogwai – even if you haven’t seen his photographs.

There is a stillness and calm, but also an intensity and weight to both Crook’s images and to Mogwai’s music. It is from this parallel point that a collaborative relationship between the band and Crook has formed; the starting point being the cover artwork and photography for their 2011 album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.

MOGWAI JAPAN: KNOCK FOR KNOCK features the latest series of images and a film Crook shot whilst travelling with Mogwai in Japan and will be on view at KK Outlet throughout April. The collection of photographs capture mesmerized crowds, breathtaking Japanese landscapes and unique perspectives of the band’s performances.

The collaboration between Crook and Mogwai extends beyond photography, including a collection of films.


Following the private view at KK Outlet on Thursday 5th April, there will be an exclusive screening event at Hoxton Bar & Grill. Here the audience will have the opportunity to see Crook in conversation with Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai, as they talk about their collaborations and present for the first time Knock for Knock, a film made with RSA Films and Rapha, featuring a staggering Mogwai score. Knock for Knock follows a man played by boxer Nao Tsuchiyama, cycling through downtown Tokyo. Through his narration, a tale unfolds—a beautiful follow up to Crook’s 30 Century Man, his first film with Mogwai.

Also at this event, Crook and Braithwaite will unveil an exclusive collaborative feature film project with world record-breaking cyclist James Bowthorpe.

Being filmed in October 2012 and directed by Crook, The Hudson River Project follows Bowthorpe as he makes a boat and two oars from New York City’s waste, takes it to the source of the Hudson River high in the Adirondack Mountains and then rows it back to New York City. The final film will feature an original soundtrack by Mogwai, their first since ‘Zidane’.

Tickets for the screening event are limited to two tickets per person and available by clicking here



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