The Lost Collection

What would you find if you were to scour Transport for London’s (TFL) Lost Property Office? False teeth? Wigs? A prosthetic leg? What about a priceless art collection?

TFL opened its Lost Property Office to KK Outlet who have curated a unique exhibition of art that was left unclaimed on London’s Tubes, buses, Overground trains, Black Cabs.

This forgotten collection features creations from nameless artists; the work ranges from whole portfolios to carefully crafted drawings, paintings and photographs.

The anonymous nature of the work invites a creative interpretation from the viewer of the content and inspiration behind the work. Who were these creators? What were they trying to communicate and most importantly do they have any talent?

We’re inviting the public to cast their critical eye over this collection, discover an unsung artistic talent or even reclaim a lost masterpiece that was left on the TFL network.

TFL’s Lost Property Office

Transport for London’s Lost Property Office is one of the largest and busiest in the UK. It first opened its doors in 1933 and today handles around 200,000 items a year that are left behind across London’s transport network.


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