Peter Andre Saliva Tree

August at KK Outlet sees Peter James Field unveiling his Peter Andre Saliva Tree – an illustration which proves that when it comes to celebrities, the truth is always stranger than fiction.

Starting with everyone’s favourite marsupial lookalike Peter Andre, more than three hundred famous people can be connected back to their point of origin in a single tree of relationships via their various affairs, marriages and offspring over the decades.

The Peter Andre Saliva Tree links the great and good of the golden era of Hollywood to stars of the French New Wave; to a former US president; to modern day celebrities back to the origin of life – Peter Andre.

Field’s Peter Andre Saliva Tree print is the culmination of six months worth of obsessive work – boasting hundreds of tiny yet instantly recognizable portraits, spread out across an eye-watering three metres of miniscule detail. It has to be seen to be believed!

The Peter Andre Saliva book will also be on sale at KK Outlet throughout August.

Peter James Field has been a full-time illustrator and fine artist since 2005 – his clients include TIME magazine, the BBC, the Guardian, the Times and Penguin books.


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