oh come all ye hackers

The bad Christmas jumper is as much a seasonal staple as dry turkey and brussel sprouts. However Andrew Salomone and his hacked knitting machine are here to change all that.

Salomone has developed an electronic hack, which means he can use a Brother KH930 knitting machine like a desktop printer to transform any design into a unique hand made Christmas jumper.

In an homage to the king of patterned knitted jumpers, Salomone created a design featuring Bill Cosby wearing a jumper of Bill Cosby, wearing a jumper of Bill Cosby. The final garment was featured on Good Morning America and presented to Mr Cosby himself. Click here to see the final jumper.

Throughout December KK Outlet will showcase a collection of alternative Christmas jumpers made by hand on Salomone’s hacked knitting machine. Designs supplied by Anthony Burrill, Siggi Eggertsson, Nous Vous, Genevieve Gaukler and features a knitted version of the Slayer Christmas Lightorama

Want to see your own design transformed into a Christmas jumper, to keep for yourself or give as a gift to your nearest & dearest? No problem. For 10 days Salomone will be working in the KK Outlet gallery creating customized jumpers from open submission designs. Send your artwork to manchester@kkoutlet.com stating what European size you would like to final jumper to be. Each jumper costs £70.

The design spec due to the machine restrictions is as follows:

Designs to be no more than 200 pixels wide and no more than 600 pixels long.
Each design is restricted to two colors per row
Designs to supplied in high res tiff format.
All final designs will be converted into knitting patterns by Andrew Salomone.


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