In Almost Every Picture #9

This book and exhibition deals with one family’s attempt to solve one of the great mysteries of photography: how to shoot a black dog. ‘in almost every picture #9’ continues the long running series on found photography.

In each book, Erik Kessels presents a photo story never intended for public viewing. This latest edition depicts a family’s efforts to capture their pet dog on film. Unfortunately for the photographers, the dog has very, very black fur, making him almost impossible to depict accurately. Doubly unfortunate is their camera, an old Polaroid completely unsuited to taking pictures in conditions brighter than a desert at noon in July.

So these would-be attempts to show love for a four-legged family member would appear doomed. But actually they make for rather beautiful mistakes, with the dog assuming an air of mystery and
importance, made more present by his absence.

These wonderful failures are a long way from bland pet photos, and capture a striking mood. The launch of in almost every picture #9 is accompanied by an exhibition of these beautiful images that will run throughout February at KK Outlet.

Spanning many years, this epic tale of determination leaves a rousing message: be true to yourself and your dreams and one day, you shall succeed. Even if success means merely taking a decent picture of your best friend.


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