harmen de hoop

We’re proud to announce FOOTNOTES TO PUBLIC SPACE, a collection of works by Dutch artist Harmen De Hoop will be on show at KK Outlet throughout April.

Harmen De Hoop (1959, Netherlands) creates interventions in public spaces which merge seamlessly with their surroundings. Many works take the form of staged events, interventions or sculptures, either “living sculptures” or “updated sculptures”. He has created unfinished basketball courts in car parks and demolition sites, transformed public phone boxes into hotels and updated traditional public
sculptures with modern and humorous modifications.

The works are site specific and function within the codes of the setting, normally a city, in which they have been placed. De Hoop uses his work to accentuate the loose ends, the contradictions and the failures, which make up a city. He wants to reflect fragmentation, to provide a picture that is more realistic than the suggestion one of unity, modernity and order.

Instead of coming up with absolute, headline grabbing works of art, Harmen de Hoop weaves his network of footnotes, quotation and question marks throughout the urban structure. It is this subtlety that make the pieces outstanding. There are no exclamation marks in this vocabulary.

Due to the temporary nature of the work, these actions are documented and presented in the form of exhibitions and publications. A collection of photographs of his work from the last 20 years will be exhibited at KK Outlet throughout April. The exhibition will also be supported by a new publication cataloguing 54 of De Hoop’s projects.



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