giles duley, Becoming The Story

On 7th of February 2011, while on patrol in Afghanistan with 75th Cavalry, US Army, British documentary photographer Giles Duley stepped on an IED, instantly losing three of his limbs.

After nine months of intensive rehabilitation Duley is now preparing to go back to work and back to Afghanistan to photograph civilians also injured and affected by IED’s. The first step is a retrospective exhibition of his work at the KK Outlet Gallery, Becoming The Story.

In his early twenties Duley began his career as a music and fashion photographer, his images have been featured in The New Statesman GQ, Vogue and Esquire. Duley was always inspired by the images of war photographer Don McCullin and ten years ago changed the direction of his own work to become a humanitarian photographer. Travelling to war torn areas such as The Congo, Angola and Sudan amongst others, he captured heart stopping images the people he met who were victims of circumstance, but never victims in spirit.

The exhibition also features images taken by Canadian photographer David Bowering moments after the explosion in Afghanistan. Until recently these images haven’t been shown in the public domain, however Duley now sees them as an important part of the anti – war story and believes others should too.

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