Yuri SuzukiSound Interjection!

Selected works by Yuri Suzuki
New installation work by Oscar Diaz and Yuri Suzuki

When was the last time you were in a room where you could press your own record, listen to electronic jellyfish, sing to your jewelry and make a musical train track? Never happened? Then you’ve never been to a Yuri Suzuki exhibition.

KK Outlet are very excited to welcome Sound Interjection!, Yuri Suzuki‘s first major exhibition. Suzuki, a product designer and electronic musician produces work that explores the realms of sound through exquisitely designed pieces.

Sound Interjection! is playful and interactive, encouraging the viewer to become part of the final design and indeed sound. Amateur Music Production allows viewers to record music directly into a record cutting machine and straight onto vinyl records. Silicon moulds are then made from this master copy, producing beautiful customized vinyls of unique recordings.

Impressive in concept and execution Suzuki’s work is bold and beautiful. In his most ephemeral piece Jellyfish Theremin, Suzuki allows Jellyfish to control the sound and lighting omitted from a see through Theremin, one of the oldest electronic music instruments.

In other pieces his sense of fun and love of music prevail. Sound Chaser is a train track style record play where users connect pieces of old records to make new tracks.

Sound Interjection! will include collective sound/design works from Yuri Suzuki including a new sound installation produced by Yuri Suzuki and Oscar Diaz.

Sound Interjection! will be part of the Anti Design Festival and the ICON Design Trail both of which run 18-26 September.

Photo by Above Clear Edition middle Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, Bottom Yoshimi Akamatsu


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