The Daily Gorilla

KK Outlet gets political with the help of Dutch design collective, Gorilla.

Taking their cue from the front page of leading Dutch daily newspaper, De Volkskrant, Gorilla created a visual response to the daily news from October 2006 until April 2009. Each day the collective were given 3 hours to respond to a selected story and the resulting visual column was featured on the front page of the paper.

During the two and a half years in which the column appeared, Gorilla developed its own unique visual identity and a fixed place in the paper’s layout. The simple and colourful designs look innocent enough but have a razor-sharp message, offering comments on political, environmental and world issues.

For the first time a selection of the most daring, provocative, colourful and challenging images from the project will be showcased at KK Outlet as part of a special Election Night party, taking place on Thursday 6 May.

This week Gorilla have been creating daily visual columns relating specifically to the UK political campaigns, all have been featured on the Grafik blog

Gorilla currently create images for the Dutch weekly magazines Groene Amsterdammer and Adformatie and were recently nominated for the 2010 Brit Insurance Design of the Year Award.

To Gorilla, “Graphic design is about communication, about the tension between informing and concealing, about what you show immediately and what you allow to filter through later. And, certainly no less importantly, what you do not show.” It is a collection of telling images, constructed of the fewest number of elements possible, which are instantly recognisable and yet require a second glance.

This is the world according to Gorilla.


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