jane stockdalei predict a riot

I PREDICT A RIOT is the first book by Scottish photographer Jane Stockdale published by Koenig Books that documents the day in 2009 when the City of London came to a stand still.

As world leaders including Obama, Medvedev, Hu Jintao, Merkel, Sarkozy and Berlisconi descended on London for the G20 summit, so did thousands of protesters.

The G20 summit fell at a time when emotions were riding high about a multitude of injustices and brought people from all walks of life to the streets. The motives behind the protests were varied; the economic crash, the war on terror, climate change or anger at the banks and city bonuses, but the message was unite – people had had enough.

As the media declared “Meltdown in the City” and “The Summer of Rage”, city workers were advised to dress down, cancel meetings or work from home. Over 16,000 police were called in to protect key areas across London in what was one of the biggest security operations since World War Two.

This book documents what happened that day outside the Bank of England…



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