The Human Printer

The Human Printer draws on the influences of Georges Seurat and pointillism to create images portraying contemporary life. However rather than relying on clever digital printing techniques, the output of the Human Printer are generated completely by hand, creating unique outcomes each time it prints.

Louise Naunton Morgan, is the founding “human printer” behind the project and was inspired by the desire to reclaim some of the lost art of production. “Today technology plays a huge role in everyday life…we have constructed these machines to aid our lives, making simple productions/tasks easier to accomplish. Our environment is now scattered with machine made artefacts, computer developed images and autonomous interactions – We are loosing the essence of human production and craft to the machine, resulting in a soulless utilitarianism.”

The full collection of prints created by The Human Printer will be on show at KK Outlet for the first time throughout October.

As part of the exhibition we are offering three people the opportunity to have their favourite image transformed into a hand penned print, live at the private view.

We are inviting submissions of one image per person, which could be anything from a personal piece of work, a family photo or favourite found image. Three images will be selected and put through the human printer process live at the opening of the exhibition and available to purchase when completed.

All image submissions should be 300dpi, A3 size, in jpg format. Sent to along with a suggested title by 1st October. The selected images will be unveiled at the private view.


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