Daniel CohenWe Want More

The encore is a ritual for musicians the world over. A chance to give the crowd what they want, and to bask in the limelight one more time. But what goes on in the short space of time after the stars leave the stage, and before they return?

Amsterdam-based photographer Daniel Cohen has created a unique collection of images taken between last song and encore at Amsterdam’s legendary concert venues, the Paradiso and the Melkweg.

Cohen captures these private moments in time, a rest in the eye of the storm, while the crowd on the other side screams for more. His photographs thrive with energy and vulnerability, perfectly documenting the atmosphere of the backstage area.

Gogol Bordello, The Roots, Chaka Khan, Animal Collective, Blondie, Erykah Baddu, The Ting Tings, Method Man amongst others; Cohen’s collection is an eclectic mix of artists all caught in a raw state. Some exhausted, some exhilarated, all masterfully shot.

Cohen was offered access all areas to some of the biggest stars. They didn’t have time to pose or project their public image, they were shot exactly as he found them. When shooting Chaka Khan he was warned by her management “your flash goes off twice and you’ve got a big problem”. His flash went off once and the result will be on show at KK Outlet throughout June.

Cohen’s book We Want More accompanying the exhibition, will be for sale at KK Outlet and at www.kkoutlet.com. The prints from the exhibition will also be for sale, prices ranging from £800 – £1,100.

For more information on the artist visit www.danielcohen.nl


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