100 covers

The magazine cover has always been a mixture of precise science and artistic expression. At once it must be the same each month for brand recognition, but it must also be eye catching and daring. It must inspire people creatively and economically.

100 Covers is a breathtaking homage to the magazines which have inspired and influenced illustrator JP Thurlow. The covers are more than copies, they are the combination of initial newsstand lust and a desire to use that image as an expression of an emotion. The full collection of 100 Covers will be on show for the first time at KK Outlet throughout November.

Thurlow has painstakingly recreated his favourite covers, taking something mass produced and turning it into a singular, defaced art object. As he explains, “I try my best to reproduce the magazines as perfectly as I can but there’s always a moment where the drawing gets too cute and I get frustrated with the perfection… I am in love with the originals, but I don’t believe they tell the truth… I want to cut through the loveliness and reveal something that’s lurking behind.”

Some of the titles featured in the project include 032c, Dazed & Confused, Eye, Arena Homme Plus, Vogue, Elle, Man About Town, POP, Bear, Super Super and TANK.

Whilst working on 100 Covers Thurlow unveiled an intriguing twist to his own family history. Whilst researching at Vogue House, Thurlow discovered that his ancestor Helen Thurlow was the artist who illustrated the very first UK edition of Vogue in September 1916. A cover which he then went on to include in his project.

A limited edition of 100 signed and numbered copies of the 100 Covers book will be launched and available to purchase at KK Outlet. 100 Covers – the book features the full series of illustrated covers, ‘post by post’ artist’s diary and interviews with JP Thurlow.

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