We Are Art Directors explores the thin line between Art Director and Artist. The aim of the exhibition is to explore the creative output of art directors when they’re not art directing, a role that used to be very clearly (even rigidly) defined.

Simply put, an art director created advertising concepts and oversaw photographers, designers and directors.

It’s a job description that sometimes persists. But art directors are changing. The art school education system is such that students are trained in a multitude of skills and disciplines, meaning they’re very likely to exhibit an equally diverse range of interests.

We Are Art Directors embraces this new way of working, by showcasing the personal work of KesselsKramer creatives. Sometimes serious, sometimes playful, the pieces demonstrate the non-commercial side of commercial artists working today. Some of the participants include:

Jennifer Skupin, in a series entitled ‘Soft Porn’ she creates artwork out of marshmallows.

Angela Lidderdale displays her ‘Food Fight’ series, each painting comprising an image of violence and food surrealistically intertwined.

Christian Borstlap, shows acrylic paintings which depict everyday life recreated in an almost impressionistic style.

Fabienne Feltus has created an installation celebrating international football by printing her funny, idiosyncratic drawings on sports memorabilia.

Ewoudt Boonstra’s ominous gravestone houses images of beautiful decay shot on soon-to-be-extinct Polaroid 600 film.

Together with work from other KesselsKramer creatives, these artworks comprise a snapshot of a new generation of art directors, whose work outside the strict boundaries of advertising and design helps infuse their 9-5 output.


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